RIABIZ&PARTNERS is an architecture firm and interior design contractor with a goal: to create spaces and environments where the presence of architecture is in constant balance with the forces of life.

We believe to improve our design by always trying new things, which allows us to bring a fresh eye to everything we do.
The reputation of the office is established by both a commitment to the collaborative aspect of creating architecture and a strong focus on refining design ideas to arrive at a solution which is architecturally, socially and intellectually coherent.
Starting in 1998, our firm has completed a diverse body of work from private houses to distinctive hotels, from executive offices to exclusive restaurants. We have selected a group of leader companies and craftsmen that allow us an integrated way of design and a precise control on the single steps of the design and building process.

The “made to measure” interior design and the custom furniture remains at the core of our work but in the recent years our range has extended towards the wider boundaries of architecture.
While the North of Italy is our home, we have completed projects in Europe, Russia, Middle East, Caribbean and Africa.



Adriano Riosa, Fabio Marzan, Dario Marzan, Caterina Micucci, Daniele Libertazzi, Alessia Sorrentino, Andrea Scarabò, Elia Grion, Valentina Cascione, Veronica Fusaro, Giorgio Conforto, Enrico Vidulich, Alessia Perisutti, Giulia Baiutti, Alessandro Alessio, Stephanie Bortoli, Christian Giani, Fabrizio Tavagnutti